EFT Tapping on Fear & Anxiety of Job Interviews

Ever been for an interview and felt anxious?  What does this anxiety mean?  Let's dig a little deeper.  What emotion would be associated with anxiety or what emotion sits behind this anxiety about interviews?

Fear right?!  Fear of being judged.    Fear of not performing well.  Fear of not having the right answers or even worse fear of going blank even after a lot of preparation.  

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Tapping On The Fear Of Interviews

Start off by rating your discomfort surrounding Interviews and the fear of interviews on a scale from 0 (No discomfort felt at all) - 10 (Highest amount of discomfort felt).

Starting with the Karate Chop Point.  Tap on the point and say:

Even though I am so afraid of this interview, I completely love and honour myself;

Even though this interview feels like physical pain in my stomach, I love and accept myself completely;

Even though I don't want to be judged in a negative way, I honour my body showing me that there is a discomfort about this subject resting within me.

Follow the tapping sequence from Top of Head to Underarm points and say:

I feel scared;

There is the knot in my stomach when I think of sitting in the interview room;

I am going to be judged;

And I don't like that;

What if I am judged unfairly;

What if I stumble on my words;

What if I can't communicate my true potential to the interview panel;

What if they feel I am unsuitable;

What if they feel I'm not good enough;

I really want this job;

I really need this job;

What am I going to do if I go blank;

I have prepared for this interview so well and think I have answers for any potential questions;

But what if they ask something I never anticipated and I just don't know what they are talking about;

What if I feel intimidated;

I really hate interviews;

I feel like it is an unfair reflection on what I am capable of;

I'm not much of a talker and don't like promoting myself;

Interviews are best for people who can sell themselves well;

I'm not one of those people but I am someone who can show my potential;

I hope they will give me a chance to show them what I can do;

I really don't like interviews;

I am afraid that I will forget the answers I have prepared;

I am afraid of sounding stupid;

I want to do really well;

I want to feel confident;

I am afraid of being judged.

Top Tip:

If the wording in this tapping script resonates with you and your situation, that's great.  However, if any of the wording don't match your vocabulary, language, culture and very importantly your situation then change it!  Make it your own to get the best results.

Bonus Video - Tap-Along-with-Me!

As an added bonus to compliment this tapping script, I have created a video on The Well-Being Institute's YouTube Channel where you can Tap-Along-With-Me (click below to play)!  

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