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EFT Tapping Script around Cheating or Cheating Allegations of a Spouse

It is one of the most hurtful betrayals a person can deal with. Often allegations that a spouse has cheated or evidence that a spouse has cheated come out of the blue.  It has the effect of ripping the carpet out from under your feet.  The world suddenly feels unsafe, untrusting and completely different.  The hurt though is something that takes your breath away and you start questioning everything! If you ever have or are going through this right now, this EFT Tapping script can help you with some relief to help you work through these difficult and intense feelings. EFT TAPPING SCRIPT ON CHEATING OR CHEATING ALLEGATIONS AROUND A SPOUSE Take your measurement of how you are feeling on this issue on a scale from zero to 10 (10 being no intensity felt at all. Start tapping on your Karate Chop Point and say: Even though I feel blindsided, I love and accept myself completely; Even though I feel so angry, I deeply love and accept myself; Even though I feel so hurt and broken, I de

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