EFT Tapping on the Fear and Anxiety around Covid-19

Coronavirus is on pretty much everyone's lips and in everyone's ears.  We are bombarded by information, some true...some false on social media and the news.  It has swept across the world and we are all, in each country in some way affected by this virus.  

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It really hit home for me when I heard our President's Speach.  Instead of providing a feeling of direction and comfort, it filled me with fear!  I needed to do tapping on fear that day. 

Each country and each person have had to put into place, measures of keeping ourselves and others safe from contracting and spreading this virus.  We have all the information we need in how to go about doing this and we are continually updated.  

However, it has become clear that there is a lot of fear and anxiety about Covid-19.  Some fears and anxiety have been unexpected like the fear of scarcity which is evident by panic buying that has become a terrible problem in some countries just to name an example.  The fear of financial instability as people may need to self-quarantine for 14 days or longer.  Some may have difficulty getting to and from works as there is a requirement to avoid groups of people at bus stops, underground stations, train stations the like.  There are concerns around businesses suffering a financial burden which results in job losses.  Then there are the fears around contracting the virus, fears around protecting yourself, family and friends.  There might be fears that are very specific to you and your situation and needs.

EFT Tapping On The Fear Anxiety Around Covid-19

In this post, I provide a tapping script to assist with reducing anxieties and fears around Corona Virus.  

Measure your fear around Corona Virus on a scale from 0 (least discomfort felt) - 10 (most discomforts felt).  This tapping script example will be general to fears and anxieties experienced by most.  Therefore, if you have a specific fear around Covid-19 then focus on that fear and take a measurement.  Change the wording in the script to be focussed on your own fear and situation in order to get the best results.  You may find it helpful to start off generally and then work your way towards being more specific.

Tap on the Karate Chop Points and say:

Even though I have this fear and I am concerned about how bad it could get, I am where I am right now and I am ok;

Even though I have received so much information about Covid-19 and I don't know what the future holds, I love, honour and accept myself completely;

Even though this is a scary time of global proportions, I love and accept myself completely.

Tap on each Acupoint from Top of Head to Underarm and say:

I am filled with fear;

Sometimes I feel like people are overreacting;

Other times I feel people are underreacting;

I'm not always sure where I stand;

It has been a very scary time;

Listening to all the media coverage has given great information;

Information is very empowering;

Information is also very scary and adds to my anxiety;

I have seen, heard and read about the worst-case scenario's;

What if we also need to remain homebound for months on end;

I am scared about my finances;

I am barely making ends meet as it is;

I just am not able to handle another financial blow;

I am scared that I won't realise I have the virus until it is too late;

What if we run out of food and necessities;

What if people become violent due to fear;

I am afraid of the unknown;

I am afraid that this will continue much longer than a few months;

I am worried that life as we know it has come to an end;

What if this is the end;

I am very afraid that the world is changing rapidly;

I worry that I won't be able to adapt to the changes so quickly or at all;

I have seen some terrible realities on social media and the news;

I have also seen, heard, read some really amazing things;

I have seen, heard, read of people adapting and finding ways through;

I have also seen, heard, read of some amazing acts of human kindness.

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