EFT Tapping on Our Phones' Constant Battle For Our Attention

I have recently been feeling like I am on my phone all the time!  I am very aware of my phone use anyway as a parent as I try and model healthy technology behaviour for my child.  Thus, I try and be off of my phone as much as possible when I am around my son.

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However, in the last few months, I feel like my phone use has been out of control.  My attention keeps being occupied by emails, messages and app notifications and further leads to endless scrolling on social media.  All of these distractions, as well as the pretty bright colours on our phones, add to the stimulation of the reward centres of our brain.  So the more we look at our phones and engage, therefore rewarding the brain with bright colours and content we are drawn to, the more we want!

I have started noticing this past week how much people around me are distracted by their phones.  You may have had some similar examples or you may notice these behaviours in yourself.  For example:

  • This morning at the dentist, for example, I notice that the receptionist was so distracted by notifications on her phone that she was looking at her phone trying to read the messages while trying to put my appointment payment through the card machine.  I found I needed to fight for her attention to be on me and our interaction and away from her phone.  
  • Have you had the experience of meeting a friend for dinner and they are constantly checking their phones?  When it happens once you feel more understanding but when it happens throughout the night, there seems to be this 3rd wheel at the dinner table with whom you need to fight for attention.
  • Maybe you have family members that feel unable to leave their phone for the amount of time it takes to have a coffee.  The conversation keeps being interrupted as the person's attention is split between your exchange and whatever is happening on their phone.
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As you move through your day today, take a moment to just notice a couple of things:
  • Notice the people around you as you move throughout your day.  Most importantly, notice how you feel in these situations.  You may feel disregarded, disrespected or in competition for someone's attention.  You won't need to look very hard to notice and find a lot of examples of people being on their phones at times when it may be:
    • inappropriate, illegal or unethical to be focussed on their phone like when driving or serving someone at Reception; or
    • rude to be on your phone like when catching up with a friend or having dinner with family.
  • Notice where you may be the person distracted by your phone in ways that may be inappropriate, illegal, unethical or rude.  Most importantly, remember what it felt like when you were feeling disregarded, disrespected or felt like you needed to compete for someone attention.  Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Tapping On Being Distracted By Phones

This tapping script example is to help you where you feel like your phone is taking too much of your attention but it is difficult to stop looking at your phone.  

Close your eyes and think about your phone and the need to check your phone.  Take a measurement from 0 - 10 of how much discomfort you may be feeling surrounding this issue.

Tap on your Karate Chop Point:

Even though I really love my phone, I love and honour myself even more;

Even though my phone has everything I want and need in one small device, I love and accept myself anyway;

Even though I am using my phone more and more often and I would like to have more control over how much time I spend on my phone, I love and accept myself completely.

Tap on each Acupoint:

I am constantly receiving notifications on my phone;

Even when I don't receive notifications;

I want to check my phone in case I have missed a message;

I find myself opening social media apps to find entertainment;

I scroll through the social media feeds aimlessly;

I find I am receiving less and less excitement and joy out of my feeds;

I feel like I need more and more exciting posts to keep me engaged;

I feel frustrated being constantly available;

Yet when I have mislaid my phone I start panicking;

I need to know what is going on;

I need to be in the loop;

What if I miss something?;

I don't want to miss out!;

I love the excitement of NEW;

New posts, new pictures and events;

I love knowing what is going on;

I love knowing that my phone keeps me connected to everything;

I feel a bit out of control.

Top Tips:

  1. Always change the tapping script working to match your personal experience and what is specifically affecting you.
  2. Continue taking regular measurements from 0-10 so you can have an indication on your progress.

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