Be My Valentine - Tapping Out Valentine's Day Blues

Valentines Day have a strange sort of feel to it.  There is this magic in the air of a day that is filled with love, spoils and romance.  

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What if this isn't the case for you and all you can see and feel is a sea of disappointment, loneliness for the lack of romance in your life.  All around you, people are smiling, gazing into each other's eyes.  People sharing cards and gifts to show how much they love someone or to reveal their love to a special someone.  

Valentine's Day can often highlight feelings of loneliness and the lack of romantic companionship.  Furthermore, if in your school years you experienced kids around your receiving or exchanging cards and gifts and you received none, Valentine's Day may have an extra sting to it that may feel like rejection.  

Tapping Out The Valentine's Day Blues

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This tapping script example is for lonely hearts.  Everyone that may be feeling especially lonely and a heightened sense of being excluded from the magic of Valentines Day.

Always start by taking a measurement of how you are feeling.  This way you know where you started and you can gradually see yourself improving down the measurement scale from 0 (no discomfort felt) - 10 (highest level of discomfort felt).

Tap on the KC point and say:

Even though I feel alone, I love and accept myself;

Even though I long for romance in my life, I completely and utterly accept and honour myself and my needs;

Even though I am disappointed with my romantic life especially when seeing people around me looking in love and experiencing romance, I respect and love myself completely.

Tap on the Acupoints from Top of Head to Underarm and say:

I feel alone;

Today is supposed to be all about romance and love;

Valentine's Day just puts a spotlight on me;

It is like a sign around my neck saying 'Look she/he doesn't have anyone to love her/him'

My heart feels sad;

All around me are happy people, loved and smiling;

And here is me, feeling sad, alone and broken inside;

I also want love;

I also want to have something picture perfect;

I also want to be spoilt and doted on, on Valentine's Day;

It just takes me back to being at school where everyone got spoilt on Valentine's Day apart from me...the loser who got no cards or gifts;

No one wanted me as their Valentine then, why would it be different now;

Am I not worthy of love;

I feel like a freak especially on Valentine's Day;

It is like a spotlight on me saying 'Hey look at this unlovable freak';

I have no one to share this day with;

I also want to feel loved;

I also want to have dinner by candlelight;

On the other hand, Valentine's Day is only 1 day;

I know I am a bit sensitive on this day so I am going to treat myself and practice self-love instead of worrying what others might be doing;

I like being able to be free to do what I want and not compromise;

Still, I would love to have someone doting on me and loving me;

It would be great to have that special someone in my life.

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